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“Don’t rely on the Mainstream Media to keep your family safe. We are not academics, we are not journalists. We worked the inner-city streets of America and abroad. We are first responders. It is in our DNA.”

-ThreatAlertsUSA Team


Be the first to know when breaking events take place and get advice on what to do to keep your family safe.

Would you know what to do if crisis hit close to home?

How quickly do you think you would find out of an active shooter situation at your child’s school? How would you know where to go to stay safe if the streets filled with volatile political protesters? What if a nuclear power station in the neighboring state was compromised? Would you know if you had to worry about fallout and if you need to do something to keep your loved ones safe?

The first step to being prepared is being in the loop. You need to know what is happening and the mainstream news outlets aren’t going to deliver this information to you.

You need an Early Warning System.

You need ThreatAlertsUSA. We monitor potential threats 24/7 and send you a text if there’s a breaking event happening. No Politics, no bias, no ads, no filler news – just relevant, life-saving alerts – so you can be the first to know of any threats, emergencies or incidents. Before your neighbors hear it from their friends. Before you see it on the news. Before you get the phone call.

Get the peace of mind that comes with having an Early Warning System!

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Get threat alerts, emergency alerts and updates texted directly to your phone along with professional response guidance.

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Witnessing breaking news?

See Something, Say Something!

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Be our eyes on the street. Our alerts work both ways.

With ThreatAlertsUSA, you get

  • Active Shooter Situation Alerts
  • Active School Shootings Alerts
  • Terrorism Alerts
  • Bomb Threat Alerts
  • Homegrown Terrorism Alerts – At most risk in history
  • Riots and Protests Alerts
  • National Disasters Alerts
  • Earthquake and Tsunami Warnings
  • Nuclear Power Plant Emergencies
  • Large-Scale Cyberattacks
  • Major Border Security Incidents
  • NBC Threats and Incidents
  • Infectious Disease Outbreaks & Epidemics
  • Changes in Nat’l Threat Posture
  • Airport Security Posture
  • Critical Infrastructure Disasters
  • Hazardous Solar Events (flares, etc.)

Official Threat Response Recommendations are an integral part of our alerts!

This means that you receive not only the “what/when/where”, but also the “what to do about it.”

ThreatAlertsUSA service is available on mobile networks in all 50 states

ThreatAlertsUSA service

We live in dangerous times…KNOW WHEN TO GET OFF THE “X”

Going to school is not safe anymore… A total of 65 school shootings were reported in 2017 alone.

Homegrown radical Muslims, as well as the hordes of incoming refugees, are a major threat and there is no good way to predict when the next “Boston Marathon” or “Florida Night Club” will take place. The Department of Justice is actively investigating over a 1000 terrorism threats today.

Political activism is growing… and so is the associated violence.  Just between January and October 2017, there have been over 4296 major protests (major! -that’s not counting small town protests or strikes) with over 5.5 million people participating. There have been multiple injuries and fatalities reported that occurred during those protests.

Did you know that Mexico is now ranked the second most dangerous country in the world? I bet you are rethinking that vacation now… We’ve been fighting the Mexican drug cartels on the Southern border for over 30 years. According to Council on Foreign Relations, “over the last decade, the U.S. government has committed more than $2 billion in funding and intelligence resources to supplement Mexico’s counternarcotic efforts.” Between 2007 and 2014, 164,000 homicides have been reported as a result of the drug war with dozens taking place right here in the US.  And this number is growing. In fact, according to some reports, the Mexican drug war has claimed more lives in recent years than the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. The dangerous drug cartel members are finding better and better ways to infiltrate the US. These people are ruthless, they don’t value human life and they are “playing in your backyard”!

On the international front, we face growing threats. Radical Islamist groups continually carry out and threaten attacks across the globe, including in the US. North Korea now has nuclear weapons capable of reaching American Shores. China is growing its military and threatening nuclear attacks against the US. Our relationship with Russia has always been tense and Russia has been carrying out more frequent weapons tests and military trainings, many of them testing the US Missile Defense and US air space. The situation with Russia just keeps growing more tense. President Trump just closed the Russian Consulate is Seattle and sent 60 Russian diplomates back. He also accused Russia and China of ongoing cyber-efforts to penetrate the US energy grid. We simply can’t ignore Russia’s military and technological capabilities.

Beyond physical threats, we face growing cybercrime. Terrorists and hackers don’t even have to step foot on American soil to make your life hell. Disrupting the infrastructure is a warfare in its own right. What happens if banks can’t start up their computers in the morning? What happens if logistics companies systems are hacked? What happens if key servers for utility companies are compromised? Chaos. Our infrastructure runs on software. If these systems aren’t operational, you can’t get your money, your delivery trucks can’t deliver gasoline or groceries, you water treatment plant can’t operate… Did you know that your grocery store only keeps a few days’ worth of inventory? There isn’t that much “in the back”! Which means that in the event of a major cyber attack on our infrastructure, you need to be the first one at the grocery store if you want to get the supplies you need – the shelves will be wiped out within hours. And by the way, you won’t be able to use your credit card (the bank servers and POS systems at the cash register are down, remember? That means the first people to the store, with cash at hand, get to eat. The rest… well, they better have family or friends at the store… with cash in hand.

What about the less drastic cybercrimes? Security breaches are becoming more and more common. Identity thieves are honing their craft and are getting better and better at breaking through passwords, pins and even SSL certificates. Between January and October 2017, 1,120 total breaches were reported and more than 171 million records were exposed. In 2016, the Identity Theft Research Center reported 1,039 total breaches and just over 36.6 million records exposed. First of all, the increase from 2016 to 2017 is dramatic and that should be enough to scare you, but there is just one more thing to consider… These were KNOWN breaches only! These numbers don’t even begin to cover the breaches that went undiscovered. Many companies still don’t have the degree of cybersecurity or even cybersecurity awareness that they need to have, so don’t count on them to protect you. And how many companies have your email, password (that you probably use for 20 other accounts), date of birth, etc?

Radical terrorists. Crazy weather. Fame-seeking mass-shooters. Drug gangs. Security breaches. Infrastructure attacks. …

All of this is happening around you. Every. Single. Day.

But you will never even hear about 90% of it because the media outlets are more concerned with pop-culture than they are with your safety.

Don’t be a victim. Get in the loop now with ThreatAlertsUSA!


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Be the first to know

We are your early warning system

Don’t rely on mainstream media! We send you breaking alerts before the news becomes the news. We tap into information sources that are not available to the media or the general public and we cover stories that never make it to the news but may affect your family and friends as they develop.

US-based alerts

Get the threat alerts that are relevant to you

You don’t care about that demonstration in a remote Chinese province. We keep you posted on what’s going on here in the US and alert you to international threats that may affect you in the US.

No clutter. No filler information. No ads. No politics. If you have nothing to worry about – you won’t hear from us. It’s that simple.

2-way breaking alerts

See something, Say something.

We listen to you! You may be the only source of information in your community. Become the first responder by sending us breaking news alerts. We’ll verify and distribute them to our subscribers.

Relevant updates

We won’t leave you hanging

We don’t just text you a breaking news alert and leave it at that. We track the situation as it develops and keep you updated so you know what you need to do (if anything) to keep your family safe.

On-the-spot threat assessments and threat response guidance

We have your back!


We understand that when something is happening close to home, it may be difficult to get important information in time or see the full picture. We also know that you may be cut off from the internet and unable to get the info you need to figure out what to do or where to go to stay safe. We got you. We are not only monitoring active threat situations, we immediately run a threat assessment, get the information you need and text it to you along with our best recommendations. It’s hard to know what to do when you are under a lot of stress. We do our best to take the guesswork out of decision-making.

100% Manual Texts

We take your well-being seriously


We are always watching. Our threat alerts are discovered, vetted and delivered by real people, along with threat analysis where applicable. We don’t automate alerts or updates and we never will.

Are you a first responder, a prepper or a survivalist?

Do you take pride in your preparedness skills?

Do you find yourself sharing preparedness or safety tips with family and friends?

Step up your game with ThreatAlertsUSA!

Get all the breaking threat alerts before anyone else – texted directly to your phone along with response guidance – and become the First Responder for your family, friends and community. Notify the people you care about and organize response efforts. Plus, send us a text if you witness an alert-worthy threat or send us an update if you are in an area with an active threat alert. You may be your community’s only link to getting critical information they need to protect their families.

Maybe you are not a first responder or a prepper…

Are you a husband, a wife, a parent? Do you worry about your kids as they leave for school?

Do you worry about your family or friends living in a region frequently hit by dangerous weather?

Are you concerned about all the political demonstrations happening in this country and their potential to become dangerous and even deadly just because someone is at the wrong place, at the wrong time?

How about the threats against the US? Prospect of attacks form North Korea and ISIS?

We get it. We are parents, spouses and friends just like you. We worry about our loved ones, too.

Unlike you though, we have years of experience in homeland security, threat assessment and threat response.

We have access to the information that public or media can’t get to (not that you can trust media anyway #FakeNews). We tap the connections we’ve established while working in homeland security, law enforcement and intelligence. Even better, we have the know-how to assess and monitor the situation and provide you with critical guidance to keep you and your loved ones safe. We are always watching! We’ve been doing this for our friends and family for years and now we are offering the same service to you.

As a ThreatAlertsUSA subscriber, you will be the first to get Bomb Threat Alerts, Severe Weather Warnings, Security Breach Alerts and Travel Alerts.

You will be the first in your community to receive alerts!

Like these…

Possible alert sequence:

— 9:55 am—Shooting reports in [City, State]! We are monitoring the situation at [location] in [city]. The situation unfolded at 9:45am and is ongoing. Emergency services are at the scene and we just received reports of 2 fatalities and 5 wounded. No personal information has been released. Please avoid the [area]. Alternate routes: take XYZ street to ABC Ave. If you are familiar with the situation and are at a safe location, send us an update at 555.123.4567.—

— 10:55 am —Update on the shooting in [City, State]! Police apprehended the suspect. Continue avoiding the area. Emergency crews still on site. —

—4:00pm—Update on the shooting in [City, State]. The crews have now finished their work in the area. The area is safe and you can use the [street] again. 2 fatalities and 9 in the hospital. No information is available on the suspect or the victims yet.—

 Or these…

Possible alert sequence

— 4:30am — Flood warning has been issued for [City, State]. At 3:50 am, the National WEATHER Service has issued a flood warning for [City, State] from [start time] to [end time]. Emergency crews are evacuating the following neighborhoods: a, b and c. Don’t wait! Evacuate right now. We will update you with shelter locations as soon as they become available!

— 5:30AM— Update on the flood warning in [City, State]. A shelter is open on the north side at [Address]. There is heavy traffic on Street A and Street B. For all coming from the South-West side, take Street C to the shelter.—

All alerts come as plain texts, typed up manually by our on-call threat assessment professional. You won’t have to waste time downloading images or logging into apps. Even when the weather is bad and the signal isn’t strong enough to use data or make and receive phone calls, texts tend to get through. This means that a text may be your only way to receive a critical update.

Make ThreatAlertsUSA a part of your emergency preparedness plan!

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Think you can get the news and guidance you need from your local news station or national television? Think again. Remember, the business the media is in is making money. And they make money by selling advertising and running stories that will attract the right audiences to see the advertising. It’s all marketing and PR. Your safety is not their main concern.

But it is OUR main concern!

Our founder and our team have spent years as first responder and have worked in intelligence, threat assessment, police, military and homeland security. We have established a huge list of contacts and resources and we tap these resources to get critical information and official response guidance to keep our subscribers informed and safe.

Think about it, a text you receive from us may be the only way for you, your family, your friends, and even your neighborhood to know what to do in an emergency situation. Our service literally enables YOU to become the first responder and protect the people you care about., Threat Alerts USA Text SMS Mobile device

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